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There are thousands of roses to choose from, and sometimes the choices can be a little overwhelming.
Not only do you need to think about colors, but also type, disease resistance, your growing zone etc.
So why not share YOUR favorite rose with other site visitors?

It's you chance to voice your opinion, and have your own webpage, complete with photos uploaded by you,
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Here's how this works: Using the form below, type in the story of your favorite rose and why. Is it because
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favorite, we want to hear about it. It can be for whatever reason or reasons you choose. There is only
one thing we ask from you. Please make your description 250 words or more. That is about two paragraphs worth
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Let everyone in the world know why your favorite rose is best. Here's your chance!

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rose in my view 
roses are alive... i feel it...they are talking...smiling...

side yard pic 
just what is growing in the side yard...

front yard pic 
This is just what I have growing in the front yard... I like the mix of the colors...

My Favorite rose 
my favorite kind of roses are the blue roses they just catch my attention!!! I love blue roses and also because my first blue rose was from my boyfriend!!! …

Cecile Brunner, pink polyantha rose 
This pale pink Cecile Brunner rose grew prolifically in my Far North Queensland (Australia) garden. I loved it for that. Usually I prefer scented roses …

Alister Stella Gray 
Alister Stella Gray is my very special favorite rose , with her graceful habit of falling noisette blooms and a scent that is soft and romantic . She blooms …

Heart Rose 
This is my rose ***I have to say, that is just a lovely photo! thank you for sharing this with us. Regards, AJ ***

Crysler Imperial 
First rose I ever grew. Large beautiful red blooms and very fragrant. this is a rose I haven't had the pleasure of growing yet. reds have always been …

strawberry ice 
this rose, strawberry ice,is one i found in the christchurch botanical gardens last summer. A plain single rose, it still has a lovely scent, and takes …

My Favorite, The Lincoln Rose 
I love the Lincoln Rose. It's a perfect shade of red and it smells like a rose very strongly. I've seen the floribunda version only. I love the scent. …

Black Bacarra Rose 
Hybridizers tried for several years to breed a black rose. About five or six years ago the Black Baccara Rose came into existence. It doesn't have a fragrance, …

A lovely red climber - Guinee 
Guinee is a great red climber. It will grow almost anywhere, and has great fragrance. Red roses are definitely my favorites, climbers especially. This …

Love My Wild Roses 
I have always had trouble growing roses at my home. I am told that my Aunt and Uncle who used to live here for years, always had the most beautiful …

my favorite rose is a pure white or just plain white rose. they are the roses my husband began to give me when we started seeing each other so therefore …

Manou Milland 
A fragrant Floribunda, bred in 1997 by the well known breeders, Milland. grows to around 4-5'.

White and light pink

Graham Thomas 
I love yellow roses and my favourite of all is Graham Thomas. Where I live, in the south west of England, it's fairly mild most of the year round. …

I love yellow, especially yellow roses 
Yellow roses symbolize friendship, affection, and gladness... And as what it symbolizes my inner self, I just love looking at these roses every time …

Roses Like Heaven On Earth 
I think these are the most beautiful roses in the world These Red Roses are like heaven on earth . Ritu

Rosarium Uetersen (also known as Seminole Wind) 
It is a short climbing rose from Kordes in Deutchland. It is a wonderful rose, very free flowering in a strong deep pink color. Later silvery pink, very …

Love Potion 
This is Love Potion which I obtained from Heirloom Roses. I highly recommend them especially if you live in a cold climate. I am near Buffalo, NY and their …

World's largest rose bush/tree 
Hey AJ, (my email is down so I'm using this to contact you before I forget) I'm working on a page about Tombstone for my site and was reminded that Tombstone …

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