Wedding Roses

Wedding roses and flowers can be one of the more unexpectedly expensive parts of a ceremony. When you are doing your planning you can often save quite a bit of money by doing it yourself.

Using a wedding planner connection or florist will often result in a big markup and you will also need to coordinate with them to explain what you want. If you have a good vision of the arrangements, you can easily get your own supplies wholesale and do your own arranging. You can also consider getting your own candles and creating your own centerpieces, or even your own rose wedding bouquet!

Also consider the corsages and boutonnieres. If you are buying a large lot of flowers you can often get these thrown in or heavily discounted. You can also look at buying your own as well.

You may need to be able to adjust your colors. Flower colors are often based on what's "in season" so that perfect pink you saw a month ago might be twice the price now. As long as you don't rigidly tie your decorating to one specific shade, you should be fine.

Don't forget about the invitations either! No reason why those can't have a nice flower theme as well. Remember to get those out about two months in advance!

You should also think about how to handle the logistics of the flowers once they come in. The fresher the flowers, the better. Typically, if you have a Saturday wedding, the timeline will go like this.

Tuesday afternoon/Wednesday afternoon: Roses cut and shipped from farm

Thursday: Receive roses/cut and soak stems

Friday: Setup the arrangments and relax!

A timeline like this will probably make it so you don't need refrigeration. Just make sure that you have a good shipper so that you get everything on time.

Another cost saving tip is to have the arrangements also be the wedding favors. That will also help save on the cleanup if you don't have a crew for that and are really doing a do-it-youself ceremony. Once the big day is done, down the line, don't forget about your anniversary, either! Great choices for those include the Golden Wedding , for a 50th anniversary, or the Ruby Wedding for a 40th celebration.

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