Rose Tattoos

Rose tattoos are among the most popular designs, and have been for many years.

Although many flower designs and inkings are heaviliy skewed toward females, many men are comfortable and get these designs etched. The black rose tattoo is popular for men for example. Peonies are also a popular design.

Among the most common spots to get it is on the arm. The upper back, ankle, and wrist are also popular, especially for women.

Before you sit down and get inked, put some thought into your design. The color and characteristics of your design can allow you to make a statement. People get them for different reasons. Obviously, flowers like these are often associated with beauty so it is often a symbol of that. However, there can be different nuances in the designs. For example, having thorns can mean that the person is not concerned so much with outer beauty. It can also be a symbol of warning to keep at a distance. A rose is also a symbol of love as well. Adding thorns here can mean that love should be entered into with careful handling, or you could get pricked! Definitely an interesting message to convey! Some people are a little more romantic and have their lovers names etched in with the image. Those are usually more "thornless" designs! These designs are also popular as memorials.

Check below for a gallery of cool designs and images. If you have any that you would like to add, e-mail us and we'll include it.




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