Rose Petals

I didn't realize how versatile rose petals can be until I started gardening. From celebrations to the kitchen, they can be used all over the place!


Of course, many people are familiar with the time-honored traditions with spreading them on the wedding pathway. They also look great on tables and other areas for the reception and ceremony. You can use fresh varieties but most florists use freeze dried for the shipping and storage convenience.


Many people think of hips when they are talking about the edible parts of the plant. However, the petals are edible as well, and often easier to get at than the hips.

There are some important things to remember. ONLY eat from flowers that have been grown organically, without any pesticides or sprays. These can leave harmful chemicals. You should also rinse the petals thoroughly to remove any dirt or bugs and inspect for any disease or infection. Use a bowl as a tap can rip the flowers right down the drain. For best results, keep refrigerated and eat within the week, preferably earlier. Like cut flowers, these will brown and wither soon once off the stem.

Lighter or more pale colors will be a lighter taste and darker colors will taste more bold. Try a few varieties and see what you like!

You can eat them raw or they are often better used in another dish. Try chopping them up and putting them on a salad. You can also freeze them into an ice cube for a cool addition to your favorite drink.

Rose Petal Jam

You can make a delicious dessert treats from roses too.. Jelly is also possible as well. I'm working on some recipes so stayed tuned for more!

Rose Tea

Most people are familiar with this delicious drink. Its very easy to make. Click on the link for an easy recipe.

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