Planting Roses

One of my favorite finds in a home I purchased in the fall of the year was the surprise of dozens of rose plants. The previous owner who had passed away must have loved the roses. You may have decided that it is difficult to learn how to plant roses because of the rumor about roses been fussy. Bare root roses can be some work to get going for sure, and using seeds can be even trickier. The house I bought had been empty for at least four years so that tells you rose plants are a hearty bunch. The roses were still breathtaking after being neglected, so just imagine how beautiful roses bloom with extra love.

Position of your rose bushes

iceberg white rose
Iceberg Rose

In a few simple steps, you can go from a beginner gardener to growing roses like a pro. First, decide on the correct position for your rose plants. My roses were already lying in raised beds and I decided to stick with that arrangement. If it is not broke, right? Here is the dirt on how to plant roses.

Pick a sunny spot where the rose plant will be in direct sunlight for more than four hours a day. Rose hedges may even need a little more. Roses are a thirsty plant but you do not want the soil to be soggy. That is why raised beds work well for roses so you are able to control the moisture level.

Another plus in platform growing is in controlling the weed population. For fertilizer I use manure humus, although you may find peat or compost to do the job as sufficiently. Leave space free of mulch surrounding the plant to prevent damage to your beauties.

When to plant

pink knockout rose
Pink Knockout Rose

Springtime is best when planting box roses. This gives them a season to get their roots established and firmly planted. Some folks adhere to an early fall schedule for planting roses. The problem with that is a killer frost or unseasonably chilly weather experienced in late autumn. Potted roses have a better root system developed making them much easier to plant. Planting times and the depth for your roses vary depending on the climate where you live.

How to plant

red climbing rose
Deep Secret Red Climber

A good rule of green thumb is to dig holes twice as wide and half as deep as the plant. Always water heavily after planting to eliminate any air pockets you made while digging. A secret from the pros is how important it is to plant roses while they are still dormant. Make certain the soil has good drainage. Do not crowd your rose bushes together too close because they do like their own air to breathe. The dramatic show they will put on for you will be worth any demands they may ask.

Help your new rose plants to retain water in the beginning by building a dirt mound around them. Get them off to a prosperous start with watering daily for the initial week of their life. Your planted rosebush will be growing beautifully before you know it from your tender, loving care.

Roses are a lovely addition to your garden that gives it that added touch of elegance. There is no flower on Earth more inviting than a rose. A special part of growing roses is not only the pleasure you enjoy but also the generations after that will share as your fragrant roses continue to bloom.

red and white roses

"The fragrance always remains on the hand that gives the rose".

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