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All About Roses

Growing tips, propagating, pictures, clipart, and lots more! Hundreds of pages of images and information on roses... if we don't have it, then you probably don't need it.

Loveliest of lovely things are they on earth that soonest pass away. The rose that lives its little hour is prized beyond the sculptured flower.
William C. Bryant

Roses come in a variety of shapes and colors. But they are all beautiful in their own way ... or at least I think so! We've got free pictures, wallpaper and clipart that you can download. Plus plenty of hints and expert advice to help you care for the queen of flowers.

Summer has started (in the Northern hemisphere), so get ready for deadheading your roses. And for those "down under", the blooms are on the way out, it's nearly time for pruning. Where ever you are, there's always jobs that needs doing.

I hope you find something that helps you enjoy roses more, whether with pictures, gardening, or advice. We're here to help!

Gardening With Roses

Browse our pages on rose gardening. From basic planting techniques to advanced budding and propogating, we've got something for everyone.

Care Of Roses
Start at the beginning, and get an overview of what's involved with growing roses.
Planting Roses
Doing a poor job with your plant can leave it with weak roots. Make sure to get it done right.
Pruning Roses
Sometimes your blooms need a trim so they can have room to sprout and re-grow.
Deadheading Roses
If you want continuous blooms through summer, then you need to deadhead your roses.
Cut Roses
A vase full of vibrant bloomers looks great in the dining room.  Learn how to do it yourself.
A little more advanced, but see how you can easily increase your stock of roses.
Make sure that your roses can survive the winter and come back even stronger in the spring.
Rose Diseases
Some of the common rose diseases like blackspot, and how to get them under control.
Rose Pests
Common bugs and insects to look out for on your roses, and what to do about them.
Rose Leaves
How to use the state of the leaves to check plant health on a rose bush.

Roses By Type

Wild roses, Hybrids, climbers, miniatures and more. Make some sense of the multitude of rose varieties with our handy guides.

Wild Roses
Wild or species roses. They have a natural simple beauty, with their plain 5 petal flowers and vibrant red hips.
Old Fashioned
This includes varieties such as Alba, Damask, Gallica, Hybrid Perpetual, Bourbons, Moss, and many more.
Hybrid Tea
Probably the most popular type in use today. Orignally created by crossing Hybrid Perpetuals and Tea roses.
Climbing Roses
The climbers are not a variety, they can come from different families such as HT's, Floribundas, Antiques etc.
Rambling Roses
Similar habit to the climbers, but with a few subtle (and important to remember) differences between them.
Well known for their prolific sprays of flowers, the floribundas are a very popular garden choice.
Ground Covers
This encompasses varieties such as the Knockout, Drift, and Star roses. Generally very easy care.
A great way to bring your roses indoors or onto the patio. And with a low price, you can have as many as you want!
English Roses
One of the best loved varieties, David Austin's English roses are a must have for your garden.
Shrub Roses
This class is a "catch all" for roses that just don't fit other catagories. A bit of a cop out really!

Rose Of The Month: Crepesculé


The beautiful pale apricot tones of Crepesculé (noisette).

Our Latest Pages

Jun 07, 2016


Roses are beautiful. Their fragrance is heavenly, too. Here are some ideas for uses of roses, like potpourri, rose oil, rose tea and more.

Continue reading "Potpourri"

Jun 07, 2016

Wild Roses

While the wild rose can be invasive at times, nobody can deny the beauty of a bush full of large red hips during the winter. And for those of us that like to forage, they provide a bountiful supply of the hips and petals, for use in remedies and recipes.

Continue reading "Wild Roses"

Jun 07, 2016

Pink Roses

The shades of pink vary from the aptly named Brilliant Pink Iceberg through to the subtlety of Nancy Steen.

Continue reading "Pink Roses"

Jun 06, 2016

Yellow Roses, With Pictures & Information On The Variety

All rose colors carry a significance, and the yellow rose is no exception.To give someone yellow roses signifies...

Continue reading "Yellow Roses, With Pictures & Information On The Variety"

Jun 05, 2016

Red Roses: Pictures, information and trivia

Red roses are definitely my favorite! Especially the deep red varieties, such as Birthday Present and Red Planet.

Continue reading "Red Roses: Pictures, information and trivia"

Jun 04, 2016

Natural Rose Remedies

The petals, hips and leaves of the rose plant are all high in natural antioxidants and vitamins. We show you some of the ways you can use the rose in natural home remedies: cleansing, skin toner, and general tonics.

Continue reading "Natural Rose Remedies"

Jun 01, 2016

Rose Petals

If you are thinking of getting rose petals for your wedding, then you first consideration is which type to have... fresh or freeze dried? There are pros and cons to both, so let's look at what's going to be the most suitable for your event.

Continue reading "Rose Petals"

May 30, 2016

Rose Recipes: Syrup, Tea and Jam

For those that want to use their rosehips and petals in the kitchen, we have some fantastic recipes for you. Rosehip syrup, rose petal jam and rose petal tea, along with some good tips on what roses to use.

Continue reading "Rose Recipes: Syrup, Tea and Jam"

May 28, 2016

Get Your Roses Ready For Winter

Do you live in a colder climate with snow and freezing conditions over the winter months? If so, then you will need to protect your precious roses from the winter. Our helpful guide will show some of the best ways to do that.

Continue reading "Get Your Roses Ready For Winter"

May 25, 2016

Rose Fragrance: Scent Matters!

How roses get their scent, and a description of the essential oils that make up the fragrance.

Continue reading "Rose Fragrance: Scent Matters!"

Apr 11, 2016

Double Delight Rose

The intensity of the colors will vary depending on the climate. The more sunlight, the more striking the crimson edging will be. But even in cooler more overcast areas, it is still a beautiful rose. While it does bear a passing resemblance to that other old favorite, Peace, this has much better colaration and fragrance.

Continue reading "Double Delight Rose"

Apr 11, 2016

Fourth of July Rose

I find this rose just a little overpowering. Yes, it's bright and colorful, and there is little doubt that it's very attractive in the right setting. just seems too flamboyant somehow.

Continue reading "Fourth of July Rose"

Apr 10, 2016

Abracadabra Striped Rose

A small but pretty little red and yellow rose, Abracadabra is perhaps a bit disappointing when you compare a specimen with what you see in photographs. For those that say 'size doesn't matter', let me assure you that in this case it does.

Continue reading "Abracadabra Striped Rose"

Apr 09, 2016

Falstaff, From The English Rose Collection

While the picture of the Falstaff rose below is not of a perfect specimen (late in the season, and bloom was getting a little old), it does still show the wonderful coloring and form of the flower. What is doesn't show, is the way the sunlight plays with the petals creating a wonderful glow, or the rich heady old rose fragrance.

Continue reading "Falstaff, From The English Rose Collection"

Mar 13, 2016

Duet Rose

One of the redeeming features of the Duet is that the old blooms don't fade a lot. And if you can deal with the thorns then it makes a great cut flower with strong stems and upright blooms. It tends to do very well in the hotter climates, and might need a bit of frost protection in colder areas.

Continue reading "Duet Rose"

Feb 23, 2016

The Pretenders... Pseudo Roses

Pretenders are everywhere, plants that call themselves 'roses' but are not even distantly related to the rose family. Often, they don't even bear a passing resemblance to a rose. I call them pseudo roses.

Continue reading "The Pretenders... Pseudo Roses"

Dec 24, 2015

Just Joey Rose

Just Joey is revered as one of the top five roses in the hybrid tea rose category when considering the beauty, fragrance, color, compressed form and resistance to disease.

Continue reading "Just Joey Rose"

Nov 27, 2015

Constance Spry, From The English Rose Collection

The very first of David Austins English rose collection, Constance Spry is still as popular as ever after more than 50 years on the market. While it has been supersceded by new and improved varieties, Constance will always hold a special place in the hearts of rose lovers.

Continue reading "Constance Spry, From The English Rose Collection"

Nov 27, 2015

Abraham Darby, From The English Rose Collection

Abraham Darby, bred in 1985 and part of David Austins English Rose collection. Rated by Austin as one of the more fragrant of his creations, this will make a great specimin shrub, or a small climber.

Continue reading "Abraham Darby, From The English Rose Collection"

Nov 27, 2015

English Roses - the roses of David Austin

English roses. Some of our favorite varieties, along with information and pictures.

Continue reading "English Roses - the roses of David Austin"

Nov 15, 2015

Dr Huey: Identifying This Common Rootstock

A Hybrid Wichurana rambler, Dr Huey was bred in 1914 by Captain George C Thomas, and introduced to the public in 1920. Very vigorous and rather prone to blackspot, it has a single flush of early summer dark red to port wine colored blooms. While very few people plant this deliberately, it has become extremly common due to its habit of reverting back to the original when used as a rootstock.

Continue reading "Dr Huey: Identifying This Common Rootstock"

Nov 04, 2015

Burgundy Iceberg Rose

When I first saw this rose, I wondered if it was perhaps a Portland or Gallica rose. It definitely has some similarities in the bloom to that old favorite,Tuscany Superb. But a quick check of the foliage soon shows that the leaves are not what you would expect to see on those older type roses. Also, it doesn't have the wonderful perfume that you get with most Gallicas.

Continue reading "Burgundy Iceberg Rose"

Oct 19, 2015

Multi Colored, Striped and Bi Colored Roses

Add some color to your garden with a bi color rose. While some of the varieties are a little troublesome to grow, the majority are as easy care as any other rose.

Continue reading "Multi Colored, Striped and Bi Colored Roses"

Oct 13, 2015

Australian Inland Botanic Garden (NWS/Vic border area)

You expect to see botanic gardens of this calibre in main centers, but not out in the middle of nowhere. It comes as a real surprise... an almost deserted country road with nothing but scrub, a few stunted gum trees and the odd emu browsing along the readside, surely not the sort of place you expect to stumble across a world class botanic garden, right?

Continue reading "Australian Inland Botanic Garden (NWS/Vic border area)"

Oct 07, 2015

Your Favorite Roses

A selection of your favorite roses from around the world.

Continue reading "Your Favorite Roses"

Aug 23, 2015

Missouri Botanical Garden

The Missouri Botanical Garden is a great place for roses, right in St. Louis. Check it out next time you are in the area.

Continue reading "Missouri Botanical Garden"

Aug 22, 2015

Golden Celebration

The Golden Celebration is a nice pale yellow English rose. Good fragrance, it prefers a warmer drier climate and is a little bit frost tender.

Continue reading "Golden Celebration"

Aug 16, 2015

Rose Diseases

Some of the most common rose diseases. How to identify and treat them, from Blackspot to Rose Mosaic.

Continue reading "Rose Diseases"

Aug 09, 2015

Trevor Griffiths Rose Garden ~ collection of english roses, Timaru, NZ

Timaru, in the south island of New Zealand is lucky enough to have possibly the largest collection of old rosesin the southern hemisphere.

Continue reading "Trevor Griffiths Rose Garden ~ collection of english roses, Timaru, NZ"

Jul 20, 2015

Pruning Roses - The Beginners Guide

Here are some basic tips to help and guide you so that you can learn how to prune roses in an accomplished and capable manner.

Continue reading "Pruning Roses - The Beginners Guide"

Roses come in a variety of shapes and colors. But they are all beautiful in their own way ... or at least I think so! We've got free pictures, wallpaper and clipart that you can download. Plus plenty of hints and expert advice to help you care for the queen of flowers.

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