Digital Photography Course

Interested in a digital photography course?  Want to learn how to make some interesting flower photos? 

There are a lot of self-study guides out there. Its a good bet if you are someone with a tight time schedule, or likes to learn on their own. Ann has one of the best courses available, with tons of info.

Click Here to Get the Self Study Course Now!

For a guided course that is online and scheduled, its a little tougher, so we are working on one. fJoin us for a FREE online session hosted on the webk.  That’s right…. FREE, no gimmicks. 

Why free?

Love of Roses is releasing online photography courses and we want to offer the best training on the internet, and are fine tuning our presentation.  Since these are brand new, we want to go through some test runs before we roll them out publicly.  They won’t be FREE forever, so join up now and get some great photo tips!
All we ask is that you provide some constructive feedback on the course after the presentation, to help us improve.  It’s just a short survey, but we want to make sure we are continuing to provide great resources and training to you, our readers and visitors! 

When's the Next Course?

TBD but check back soon for an update

Here are just some of the items we will cover during the presentation:

1)    Intro to Digital Photography
2)    How to Select a Camera
3)    Accessories
4)    Lighting
5)    Composition
6)    Depth of Field
7)    When and Where to Shoot
8)    Photoshop Basics
…and more!

What do I need?

Just a computer with an internet connection...we'll do the rest!

Online courses and photography classes are often several hundred dollars…so take advantage now.!

Just sign up through the link below to register.  We won’t be sending you additional marketing e-mails or spam, but we’ll send a reminder before the course starts.  You’ll want to hurry as spots are filling up fast!!

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