Carpet Roses

Carpet Roses are also known also known as groundcover roses and the Wonder Rose. They are a recent addition to the flower world.

carpet roses

Into the history books…

They were first bred by Werner Noack and were introduced in the year 1995. Noack says that this rose is the result of 25 years of research to produce a truly exceptional high performing and disease resistance rose which looks beautiful everywhere. The Flower Carpet rose is the winner of more than 10 gold awards locally and internationally for the large number of blooms and disease resistivity. It's categorized as a rambler. Although not a true bred groundcover, the Drift series by Conard-Pyle has also gained in popularity recently.

The beauty…

The carpet rose shrub does not grow very tall and spreads out in width. They attain a height of 2-3 feet and width of 3-4 feet thus serves well as a nice ground cover. Bloom size of the rose is small with approximately 2 inches in size. The foliage is bright green which compliments the beauty of the flower. They appear in clustered form cascading from the bending stems. The blooms do not have fragrance, as is the case with most modern types. The blooms are profuse and repeated throughout the season until the onset of winter. On an average a well established plant will bear 2000 to 4000 blooms every season.

carpet roses

Gardening Tips

This maintenance free plant is widely known for its excellent disease resistance like blackspots and mildews. They have an excellent drought tolerance. The place where you want to plant the rose in your garden should be very well drained. If the area is not well drained, you can add a few layers of organic material, compost or manure. If you are using a container, then the soil used in it should also be well drained. To get the prolific blooms place your plants exposed to the full sun. In hot climates, then it is recommended to plant the rose in the area of partial shade. A little addition of fertilizers in the spring season will stimulate the growth of the plant and increase the blooms. However, avoid the use of fertilizers in winter. The flowers are so much in abundance that you can cut as many as you like for your indoor decorations and bouquets. Carpet roses do not require any heavy pruning and are self cleaners. Just a little trimming to shape the plant once in a year is all that is needed. Winter hardiness of the rose ranges from USDA zone 5a to 10b.

carpet roses

Types of Flower Carpet Roses:

Amber: This is an improved breed which can tolerate more heat and humidity among the family members. This ravishing rose produces volumes of orange and yellow color blooms that turn to pink and peach as they age. This spectacular display of colors looks outstanding as groundcover and flower beds.

Appleblossom: Flower Carpet Appleblossom is strong and high performing carpet rose. The bloom is pastel pink in color which adds a touch of sophistication wherever planted.

Coral: Flower Carpet Coral is extremely beautiful coral-pink color rose with striking golden stamen. They have single petalled blooms which grows darker with ageing. They color of the flower does not fade and become coral-red.

Yellow: This bright wonder will fill any groundcover with their shining semi-double golden yellow blooms. They have very consistent color.

Pink: This is the original variety. It bears beautiful pink colored blooms and adds glamour to any landscaping.

Supreme Pink: This type is an ADR award winner. The blooms of the rose double luscious pink in color.

Red: A rich red color rose with golden stamens add new glory in the groundcover gardening.

Scarlet: This enchanting scarlet colored beauty has passed the toughest ADR trials with top scores.

White: Silky white breed will grace the garden as it exhibits snow fall effect.

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