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So you've decided to buy roses, now you're ready to make the big plunge. There are several options on where to go and get the best prices and selection. We'll help walk you through it.

You have a bunch of options nowadays for getting gardening and flowers, roses are no exception. In the "real world" you have dedicated nurseries and farms, big box stores, and florists. Online, you often have the same availability. Where should you go?

The answer is, it depends. A bricks and mortar store is nice because you can see and touch the plants firsthand. If the place is decent, you may even get your questions answered! Of course, the selection may be limited, or the weather may play a part in whats available. Online, you can order and never leave the house, but obviously, you can't see (or smell!) the merchandise. Getting things delivered is nice though. For things like a dozen roses, its often the best way to get the freshest flowers since they are sent right from the farm, if you buy from the right places. Check out our section on long stem or Valentine's Day roses for tips on that.

For gardening, Nature Hills is a good option and has solid customer service.

Looking to buy in bulk for a wedding or other event? Check out our section on wholesale or wedding roses. We even have information on purchasing organic.

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