Pictures Of Pink Roses

Pink roses are one of the more popular colors. They are not as romantic as the reds, but still have interesting breeds. They can signify many things:

  • Elegance, style, and poetic romance.
  • Sweet thoughts and thank yous.
  • joy and grace.

You can find out more about their meaning as well.The shades vary from the aptly named "Brilliant Pink Iceberg" through to the subtlety of "Nancy Steen". Combined with white and red they can be a great look for Mother's Day roses.

Pink roses have never been my favorites. But the ones here are all special in their own way, and certainly they have a place in every rose garden. If I was to pick one pink rose, and only one, it would probably be Nancy Steen although the flamboyant Betty Boop would be a very close second. The Fairy rose is a great pink polyantha bush, great for borders. The Gertrude Jekyll rose is a favorite as well, coming from the David Austin group. Another beautiful pink climber is the New Dawn rose or the Queen Elizabeth rose. A very versatile pink climber is the William Baffin rose.

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